You Will Be Shocked When You See The List Of Deadly Diseases From The Use Of Aluminum.

Aluminum foil is pretty useful when you are barbecuing or you are on a picnic. However, even though it is a powerful means for cooking, aluminum foil can cause some serious health problems that need to be mentioned.

When the aluminum foil comes into direct contact with food, the food automatically starts absorbing the metal. Cooking at a high temperature is even more dangerous, as it causes the food to absorb even more of this metal. Aluminum foil is frequently used in the process of food preparation, which means that there is a great risk and danger for the people who use it.

You probably already know that aluminum has the tendency to accumulate in the brain and other body tissues, leading to risk of Alzheimer disease and other neuro degenerative disorders. Numerous studies have shown that this metal has the ability to reduce the speed of growth of human brain cells.

The aluminum is ‘competing’ with calcium in the process of bone re-mineralization. This leads to accumulation of aluminum in the bones and increasing the level of calcium in the blood. In return, the patients suffer from low bone density, reduced levels of the parathyroid hormones, and they are exposed to high risk of heart attack and stroke.

Aluminum can also be inhaled in small amounts when you cook food that has been wrapped in aluminum foil. The aluminum that enters the body through breathing is harder to clean, compared to the one that enters the body via the skin.

Some of the ways you and your family are being poisoned include the aluminum flakes. These can dissolve the foil after the food has been covered and the heat additionally creates small cracks in the foil that finds its way to the food. These flakes are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, so you do not even know that they are there.

The pickled ingredients or spices found in aluminum containers and those used besides the metal during the cooking process accelerate the process of leaking of the metal. Doctor Esam Zubaidi, a researcher of chemical engineering at the Sharjah University, has found out that only one meal prepared with aluminum foil can contain 400 grams of aluminum.

“The higher the temperature is, the greater the leak. The foil is not suitable for cooking, or for vegetables and fruits, including legumes or spices, says Doctor Zubaidi. However, the World Health Organization warns that the maximum daily dose of aluminum that is still safe should not exceed 1 milligram per a kilogram of body weight.

What can you do about it? You can’t completely eliminate the use of aluminum foil during the process of food preparation, when you eat in restaurants or when you live close to some industrial factory. Even the tap water or the one you buy from the stores contain an alarming level of metals. All you can do is not to cook using aluminum foil. Instead, you should use porcelain or cast-copper dishes.

Do not store any spices or pickled food in aluminum. Replace the aluminum foil with wax baking paper. You can also keep your food in this paper. Store the food remains in glass containers that are to be used more than once. Replace the aluminum pots and pans with utensils made of stainless steel. Filter the tap water in order to remove the heavy metals from it.

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