Why You Should Avoid Too Much Exposure On Your Mobile Phone Before Bedtime

Admit it; you always like it better to check your social media accounts or to browse the internet with the use of your mobile phones before going to bed at night.

There are times where you have important things to attend to or do for the next day that needs you to face the screen of your mobile phones for hours.

Nevertheless, there are relentless studies and researches about the effects of the longer use of mobile phones at night. One of these researches is about the health and well-being of humans, but as the result progresses, it shows negative findings about this kind of subject.

Mobile phone’s radiation has been become popular to those people who are always aware of its damaging and harmful effects that can actually harm people in the long run. This issue is extremely alarming and disturbing, especially when the radiation happens to someone, it becomes seriously dangerous. The blue lights that are being emitted by your mobile phones contain numerous severe health issues.

Blue lights have been included in the light spectrum which is commonly a group of colors in the ray of light and it only shows that there is no difference between exposing to the sun and using our mobile phones because they both contain blue light. In some way, you are being exposed to that kind of light at night with high emitting levels of the mobile phones that is extremely harmful for the human eyes.

Here are the health issues that are linked with the use of smart phones at night:

  • The risk of cancer is slowly elevating

Elevated light at night results to disturbed sleep and this reason increases the risk of cancer, particularly breasts and prostate cancer. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and it is the natural weapon of the body in fighting against cancer, however, it is being blocked by the blue light. If this happens once, it might become a big health problem, but you have to put in mind that continued use of mobile phones at night leads to severe health issues.

  • It affects your time of sleep

Blue light has the ability to mess up with the production of melatonin, just like we have mentioned above, and this hormone controls the sleeping cycle of the body. If the body lacks sleep, the crooked sleeping cycle will result to numerous health problems, which includes the following:

  • You will gain weight
  • You will effortlessly get depressed
  • Issues with cardiovascular
  • Your memory alertness will be affected
  • You will look odd and old, slower response time
  • It will damage your eyes

The exposure to blue light at night causes the damage of both retina and muscular degeneration, which results to the loss of central vision or the ability to see things in front of you, as well as cataracts.

It is not really that bad to use your mobile phones at night if there is an emergency or an urgent need to use it, the important thing is to just minimize your quality time with your mobile phone and always thinks about its consequences, as well as the better things that need to be done for your entire health.

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