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10 Amazing Exercises For Butt

Spice up your typical butt workout with any (or why not all!) of these 10 challenging moves. Learn how to master your form with the exercises below, then go forth and get your glute on. 1. Dumbbell Deadlift Whitney Thielman Stand tall with your feet about

6 Moves That Flatten Your Belly Better Than a Waist Trainer

These six exercises, also known as waist training, are so good for your belly that you should really consider trying them immediately. The workouts has to be repeated three times, with a pause of one minute between the sets. Triangle Crunch The starting position is

Get Fit in 5 Minutes: Flat-Abs Workout

Get in shape and strengthen your core from every angle with these fast and effective workouts. These moves are perfect for tacking on to your cardio workout, but you’ll still results if you only have time for a quick hit of abs. Perform each workout in

7 Secrets From People Who’ve Lost Over 100 Pounds

If you type in Google “weight loss tips” you will find about 48,700,000 results, go ahead and check this, from bloggers to nutritionists to doctors. But, when it comes to losing weight, and keeping it off, the true experts are those who have done it. 1.