Throw Away These 5 Common Cancer Causing Items From Your Home, Do It Today

You will be really amazed by the results of the recent statistics, which shows that advertisers spend more than $ 144 billion per year in order to persuade you to buy a lot of things. When you think about it, your home is crowded with things, isn’t it?

For this reason, in the article we are going to talk about 5 items that are toxic and can cause cancer and that you need to eliminate from your home immediately. They are more harmful than you can even think. When you get rid of these toxic cancer-causing items, your home will not be crowded anymore, but your health also will be significantly improved.

These are the 5 items that you do not need in your house – which are considered as toxic cancer-causing items.

1. Nonstick cookware

According to a recent study, it is thought that the perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs that make products stick and strain resistant are closely associated with cancer and lower birth weight. Namely, these chemicals are very obdurate and can be found throughout the world, even in the polar bears’ bodies.

The perfluorinated chemicals are not present only in the cookware, but also in pizza boxes, popcorn bags, cloth, furniture, dental flosses and so on. In order to prevent these toxic chemicals, all you need to do is to stop using products made of Teflon, or materials, containing fluoro or prefluoro.

2. Plastic bottles and food storage containers

What is very important to know is that the plastic bottles and food storage containers should not be used, because when we store water or food in them, the chemicals found in the bottles and the food containers leach into the water or food.

In addition, Bisphenol A is one of the worst chemicals that are found in the plastic bottles and the plastic food storage containers. It is especially bad for the fetus, babies and children, as well. So, it is best to use some other alternatives for storing, rather than plastic bottles and plastic food storage containers.

3. Artificial sweeteners

A lot of people throughout the world believe that they are doing well when they replace sugar with other similar alternatives, like artificial sweeteners, or Splenda. However, these alternative artificial sweeteners are much more harmful than the sugar. They contain a great number of harmful chemicals, like:

• Aspartame – it is a chemical that is closely connected to skin cancer.
• Sorbitol – it is a chemical that caused diarrhea, bloating and gas.
• Acesulfame K – it a chemical that can have negative effects on pregnancy, can cause cancer, etc.
• Saccharin – It is indigestible chemical that can cause bladder cancer.

These artificial sweeteners should be replaced with natural ones, such as:

• Stevia – It can control the levels of blood pressure as well as blood sugar
• Erythritol – it does not have side effects on the levels of insulin or cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.
• Xylitol – it can lower the risk of caries and increase density of the bones.

4. Fragrances

Unluckily, most of the air fresheners contain plenty of inconsistent organic compounds that can cause cancer as well, and can have side effects on reproduction, regeneration of cells and respiration. According to a recent study, all the tested air fresheners released carcinogenic chemicals, or chemicals that can cause cancer. Instead of the air fresheners, you can use essential oils.

They are not harmful at all, and you will get nicer and more pleasing aroma in your home. For instance, in case you use rosematy oil, it will improve your mood and will boost up your nervous system. It is very easy to make home-made air freshener – In a spray bottle only mix 10 – 15 drops of an essential oil and refined water. Then spray it all over your house.

5. Commercial cleaning products

It is very surprising that we use toxic chemicals to clean the floor, the oven, the toilet, the counters, etc. You should be aware that the caustic or corrosive cleaners, like acids and the lye which are found in the cleaners for ovens, toilets, are one of the most harmful cleaning products, because they afflict the skin, the eyes and internal tissues very easily.

It suggests that you should avoid using these toxic chemical cleaning products, and to use non-toxic cleaning products instead, or you can make a cleaner yourself. Also, you will not miss the toxic aroma in the home. Thank you very much and please share this article with your family and friends. Thank you and have a nice day.

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