This is What Happens to Your Body if you Eat Flax Seed Every Day For a Month

Flax seeds are an integral part of many healthy eating regimens and it’s no wonder because they promote your overall health and protect your body from a long list of conditions. Have you ever wondered what will happen to your body if you start consuming flax seeds every day?

The seed provides oil rich in omega-3, digestible proteins, and lignans. In addition to being one of the richest sources of α-linolenic acid oil and lignans, flax seed is an essential source of high quality protein and soluble fiber and has considerable potential as a source of phenolic compounds. It’s no wonder that it has been dubbed a superfood and you should start consuming it immediately.

This is what happens if you start consuming flax seeds every day:

  • It’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids which have an amazing effect on your overall health
  • Flaxseed can lower your bad cholesterol levels by 50%
  • It can lower your triglycerides as well, by 25-60%
  • In addition to lowering your cholesterol and triglycerides, flaxseeds prevents the onset of diabetes by regulating your blood sugar levels
  • 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil contain as much omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids as half a kilogram of fish
  • Flaxseed is rich in fibers so it’s effective against constipation and helps digestion
  • The lignans in flaxseed have preventative properties against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. They also reduce inflammation and ease the effects of arthritis and lupus
  • It can also stimulate weight loss because it prolongs the feeling of satiety

This is not a comprehensive list of all the benefits of flaxseed consummation but just a short list of the most important ones. If you aren’t consuming it, start right now and promote your overall health and well-being.

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