The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions and How To Improve Your Posture

Sleeping and resting in general are the most important activities that relax our body and provide energy for the following day. Distortion of the sleeping habit can cause serious problems. Many people suffer from positioning themselves during sleeping. The spine can be mostly affected if our sleeping posture is inappropriate.

Uncomfortable body position can also hurt the neck, hips, and jaw.

Usually, we blame our bed or mattress for our irregular sleeping position. Even though this may be a factor in the process, sometimes it is not the only reason why we feel uncomfortable during the night.

The three important areas of your body that you should take care and think of while sleeping are: the lower back, the middle back area and the neck line. It is important to get these areas comfortable and well adjusted before you go to sleep.

The head is turned to one side of the pillow and the arms are placed beneath it. This position is completely wrong because the neck is unnecessarily strained and elongated, so as a result, the face nerves are stressed. Furthermore, the lungs are pressed by the weight of your body, so the breathing process is distorted.

If you continue to sleep in this position, make sure that you place an extended pad by your side or place a cushion under your hips.


This position affects the back and the breathing process the most. The tongue can move easily so it can end up at the back of your throat during sleep. If you are experiencing apnoea, this position is not recommended for you. Wheezing is another occurrence that happens when you mull over your back.

Repair and Improve

In order to prevent these symptoms from happening, what you can do is place a small pillow or cushion under your knees and lower back. This will help with snoring as well.

Sleeping Beauty

This position means that a person always sleeps on his/ her side. The back is curved and the arms and knees are pulled in front of you. According to many experts, this is the healthiest sleeping position, because it supports the backline accordingly and you can use a pad between your knees to get even more comfortable. The advantages of this position are that the hips are relaxed, the limbs are not strained and the head lies more naturally. To support your head even more, use a pad that is medium-sized. In case you are suffering from high blood pressure, try to sleep on your left side to avoid problems. You should lie on your right side if you are suffering from kidney disorders.

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