Spreading Salt Around The House – Here’s Why It’s So Incredible!

Salt does not have any toxic side effects after use. For many years it is used as product for cleaning. People disinfect and cleaning different house spots with it. Salt is very cheap and I do not see the reason why one person should not use it for many purposes besides the fact that cleaning products are the ones which are full with harmful chemicals.

Salt can prevent the spread of Ants – Ants are usually present on doors, windows and storage cabinets. You want to remove them naturally? Salt is the solution. Sprinkle some amount of salt on the areas where the ants are entering, home/kitchen for example. Also by using salt you will reduce the level of humidity and moisture in your household.

Salt as natural polisher for Silver, Copper and Brass – Every household subject requires cleaning every once in a while. Same happens with brass/ copper or silver decorations. If they are untreated they will lose their color. Use salt to avoid this problem. Effective and simple, create mixture of salt and apple cider vinegar and wipe the surfaces in order to clean the dirt.

Natural cleaning agent for house and car windows – Mix two tablespoons of salt and one gallon of lukewarm water. Clean the windows with this mixture and eliminate different stains on it. After this cleanse your windows will get natural appearance and the effects will last for longer period of time. Also with the same mixture you can clean your car windows.

Your sink can be shiny again – Make mixture of salt and hot water and use it directly on your kitchen and bathroom sink. It will clog and reduce the heavy smell thanks to salt.

Make your skin younger – If you want to rejuvenate your skin do bath scrub with salt. Mix salt with lavender or olive essential oil. This solution should be used on your body followed by waiting for couple of minutes before using lukewarm water to remove the dirt. Your skin will be rejuvenated and will appear younger due to salt.

Restore colors of your curtains and rugs – If you want your rugs and curtains to look as they are new, one salt- based mixture will be much of a help for you. After one washing amazing results will follow. Take cloth and place it in concentrated salt water. This mixture can remove even stains that detergents are not able to.

Tooth treatment – Having problem with toothaches or mouth sores? Salt in warm water can be of a help. Place salt in water and wait for minute until the salt dissolves itself. Rinse your mouth with this and the results will be excellent.

Salt for Teeth Whitening and Oral health care – For excellent teeth whitening results take equal parts of baking soda and salt. This mixture can be used at any part of the day and your teeth will receive back their natural shine.

Increase the results of washing your clothes – in order to protect your clothes from shrinking put some salt in your wash. If you dry your clothes on a sunny day, this will be extremely useful.

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