SHOCKING: A World Without Cancer is Possible, But World Pharmaceutical Mafia Hides it! (VIDEO)

Shocking allegations that the world pharmaceutical mafia hide the fact that a world without cancer is possible saw the light of day in a documentary that appeared on YouTube. This statement was made by an American journalist Edward Griffin.

The story that follows is the story about vitamin B17, which was fifty years ago synthesized by the name of Laetrile or Amygdalin. This was done by biochemist Ernst Krebs.

According to the documentary, which appeared on the website YouTube, the fight for approving that vitamin B17 can cure cancer began 50 years ago. Theory of Dr. Krebs as well as his alternative drug called Laetrile was called the ” charlatanism ” and ” fraud ” by the U.S. Administration Food and Drug Administration ( FDA). Citizens were told that the drug is toxic and dangerous. That’s how the story of vitamin B17, Laetrile, Amygdalin (all names denote the same) was sealed.

But by the advent of the Internet,the story of Ernst Krebs, John Beard, Ralph Moss and others who fought for the truth has been reopened.

Edward Griffin wrote about all of this in his books “Politics in the treatment of cancer” and “World Without Cancer “.

Vitamin B17 can be found in the fruits of peaches, plums, cherries, apples, etc.

A documentary that tells a story about vitamin B17 and a story about world without cancer can be found here:

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