Pour Hot Water on Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax APPEARS

Apples are the most common household staples, as we have it in the kitchen almost all the time. You buy apples from your nearest store and you believe that you have purchased a healthy food for your family. Тhis may not always be true, as newest research has shown that store-bought apples are often covered with dangerous wax.

The only thing that should worry you is the origin of the fruits. Unfortunately, fruits are usually covered with wax that is made from the same material that motor oils are derived from. Need more info? Yes, this wax is life-threatening to your body.

Fruit wax

Manufacturers and farmers have a nasty ritual of covering their fresh fuits with wax so they can last for longer. This includes a process in which fruit’s natural wax is removed, and then the product is coated with petroleum-based wax.

Although they claim that this wax keeps fungus and bacteria away from the fruits, and preserves the produce, the truth is slightly different. This wax also changes the color of the fruits and with that that wax makes them more appealing and tasty-looking.

Fruit wax ingredients

Fruit wax contains allergens like soy, dairy, gluten and other unhealthy ingredients.

However, wax coatings are full of fungicides and preservatives, artificial dyes, and coloring that make the fruit look nice and fresh. We all knoe that these dyes are known carcinogens, and they are something you do not need on your food.

The following video will show you how to recognize waxed apple:

Avoid wax-covered fruits

Even though conventional fruit wax is made from ingredients that harm health, there are companies that cover their produce with wax made from natural ingredients. Look for these fruits, and you will never be at a risk of developing an ailment.

Organic fruit wax is made from ingredients like wood resin, carnauba wax, and beeswax. The important thing is that this fruit wax does not contain fungicides, artificial preservatives, or petroleum based ingredients.

We recommend to look for fruits at farmers market and always pick fruits that are in season.

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