If You Cannot Quit Smoking, At Least Use These Vitamins To Keep Your Body Healthier

No one knows for sure which ingredients of cigarettes exact cause disease, but it is known that cigarettes cause disease. A lot of evidences around the world tell us that smoking is a major risk factor for the occurrence of: lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, obstructive changes in the peripheral blood vessels, cancer of the tongue, larynx, pancreas and others. Although the harmful effects of smoking cannot be fully removed however to alleviate their effect on cigarettes addicts they recommend the following

Using vitamin E will let free your arteries

Cigarettes together with nicotine as their ingredients are those that could cause arteriosclerosis, so it’s no wonder that every hour a smoker dies primarily of arteriosclerosis. Nicotine is the one which is responsible for all of this .It accelerates the accumulation of blood cells which fill the arteries. If nicotine is the one which is bad, then vitamin E is a major opponent .A lot of scientific examination proved that vitamin E is precisely that one which is antagonist of nicotine and prevents the accumulation of platelets and prevents obliteration of the lumen of the arteries. Therefore if you have already decided to smoke and to protect your arteries and yourself begin to consume vitamin E.

Vitamin C is very good care

Besides nicotine in this whole story we need to pay attention to carbon monoxide and its burdening action to the heart and also affinity of hemoglobin do this event even more dangerous. Hemoglobin has 200 times greater affinity for carbon monoxide than oxygen instead of oxygen it supplies tissue with carbon monoxide. This situation provides the following symptoms with smokers: shortness of breath, fatigue, especially when climbing stairs, walking…Antagonist of all of this is vitamin C, which performs neutralization of toxic ingredients in cigarettes .Successfully stimulates detoxification of carcinogens substance in cigarettes and that it is benzpirin. Vitamin C improves the hydroxylation (detoxification) of this carcinogenic substance in liver. Except above mentioned toxic substances an important role play here and acetalaldehidot(neznamzbor) where an antagonist of this poisonous compound is a combination of vitamins C and B1 (thiamine), and the amino acid cysteine. Vitamins you can use as tabletswhile to get rich in the amino acid cysteine ​​is required to consume nuts, eggs, soy grains and brewer’s yeast.

Despite the above, despite all the safety measures recommended, all smokers need to quit their vice to have a strong belief in themselves and wish to stop, after all their health is the most important.

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