Asparagus Is Very Healthy And Tasty, Here’s How to Grow Asparagus At Home!

Asparagus is the tastiest spring vegetable and we all want it in our salads. When he’s in season,asparagus is super crunchy and contains high amounts of nutrients.

Health benefits of asparagus:

1. According to experts, the nutrients in asparagus can affect the insulin levels in the human body, which means that this vegetable can be used in the treatment of people suffering from diabetes.

2. Asparagus is an excellent diuretic because of its mineral content. Given that it is a natural diuretic, asparagus stimulates kidney function and improves the overall detoxification and purification of the body.

3. Folic acid in asparagus is essential for pre-conception and the first months of pregnancy.

4. Essential minerals in asparagus reduce the risk of birth defects and provide support for the development of the nervous system in babies.

5. It also prolongs life and makes you feel great, by filling you with the energy you need during the day.

How to plant one at home?

The small seeds germinate within 3 weeks. Asparagus needs exposure to the sun and can be planted anywhere. Consider providing good drainage system and sunny soil. The best place is inyour garden.

Before planting, provide enough fertilizer and mix it well with soil.

Plant the asparagus with a depth of about 6 inches/15 cm and the rows should be at a distance of 40 cm. Dig holes, put seeds or rhizome, pour water and cover with 4 inches/10cm of soil.

As the plant grows gradually add soil to fill the holes. Keep the soil loose and remove any weedsthat grow around it.

When the asparagus reach a height of about 8 inches/20 cm, cut them off. Leave the rootbecause it will grow again.

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