She Gave Her Husband 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Twice A Day For A Month. You Won`t Believe What Happened!!!

The three most common medical conditions are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. The number is growing every minute and the many experts say that if this continues there will be 15 million new cases of Alzheimer’s by the year 2050.

Dr. Mary T. Newport is а neonatal practitioner, she spend a lot of time investigating and researching the Alzheimer’s disease in the scientific literature. She came to a conclusion that the best treatment for this disease could be the medium chain triglycerides or MCT, and coconut oil contains these medium chain triglycerides.

Her husband, Steve, 54 years old, was diagnosed with progressive Dementia. The scans showed that he is in a serious condition and soon it will develop into Alzheimer’s. As she state he had a lot of problems like he could not find a spoon and many memory problems. Besides these problems he also suffered from depression. While Mary was doing her research, she discovered that depression is the first sign leading to Alzheimer’s.

Why are the medium chain triglycerides so significant?

When the body suffers from glucose deficiency in the blood, the body takes the ketone bodies to get energy. Glucose or the ketone bodies can serve as a specific fuel to the brain cells in order to survive. Unfortunately, the body does not make the ketone bodies itself.

What happens in Alzheimer’s disease?

Some brain cells die, because they cannot get fuel from the glucose, due to insulin resistance. This process begins about 15 years before the first symptoms appear. The cells in the brain search for the ketone bodies so that they get the needed fuel from them in order to survive. The same thing is the problem with patients who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, ALS, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Even though they have the same issue, the difference is only in the location – some have it in the spinal cord, the different part of the brain.

The MCT are processed in a different way than the other fats. The liver uses them to produce energy and ketone bodies. In case when the MCT are taken orally, it can lead to hyperketonemia, which is a condition of elevated levels of ketone bodies in blood, and these can actually be used as fuel for the brain cells that need them to survive.

Dr. Newport states that the condition of hyperketonemia can elevate the cerebral blood flow by 39% and also reduce the cognitive disorders that are related to the human’s hypoglycemia. Dr. Newport also found out that the coconut oil is full with omega-6 fatty acids, has no cholesterol and contains about 60% medium fatty acids. These medium chain triglycerides are also contained in palm kernel and breast milk and can also be found in goat and cow milk but not in high amounts. Many other dairy products have MCT too.

When Steve’s condition deteriorated, Mary started with the coconut treatment on him, trying her best to save her husband. Every day for 30 days she gave him 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. This treatment gave incredible results.

Two weeks after the start of the treatment, she noticed an amazing improvement on his condition. She now says that everyone who has Alzheimer’s disease should try the coconut oil treatment.

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