Do You Freeze When You Get Outside? – Here is Why

Do you want to win the winter cold? Do not wear a woolen hat, drink coffee without caffeine … Experts reveal what really will warm you?

Do not overdo it with home heating
When in winter you get out of the overheated house in cold weather, that can cause changes in the small blood lamellas, so to the more sensitive people may occur Raynaud’s disease – tiny blood lamellas will experience instantaneous cramp, and your hands and feet remain “bloodless” and feel great cold and pain.
So do not overheat the house, the temperature actually would have to be between 18 and 20 degrees.

Drink coffee and tea without caffeine.

Caffeine blocks the receptors in the blood vessels and prevent their tight when it is cold. Because nerve vessels remain dilated, so you lose heat faster. Coffee with caffeine you can drink all day if you stay at home in the warm.

Do not put hands in pockets.

Endure and do not put his hands in your pockets. Instead, most natural move them while you step. This way the muscles of hands work and it will improve your circulation and your hands will be warmer.

Eat more protein

Digestion of food rich in protein raises the body temperature better than carbohydrates or fat.

Do not wear a woolen cap

Choose a hat that covers your ears because they are thin, but have a large area and so easily lose temperature. Some experts recommend to wear a cap of polyethylene terephthalate instead of a woolen cap, which is a synthetic alternative to wool. This synthetic material is lighter, better isolated and used in the preparation of many winter products.

Breathe through the nose

Breathe through the nose where the air is heated before it enters in the lungs. If you breathe in the mouth, cold air enters without heating.

Hand creams will help

If you are suffering of eczema or dermatitis, after being in cold weather apply more cream. Inflamed skin loses more heat.

Warm your shoes on the radiator

If you go out with warm feet, they are more likely to remain such.

Buy a rocking chair

This way you will generate energy while sitting. In fact, when we are passive, body temperature falls. But moving on the chair we activate large muscle groups of the arms and legs, so they easily maintain circulation and heat.

Hanging out

If you go out with your friends or you organize socializing at home, youwill be warmer than when you are alone. This was revealed of experts from the University of Toronto, who studied how loneliness affects the people. It was revealed that it creates a feeling of cold.

Remember the good days

Studies conducted at the University of Southampton found that reminder of the happy moments of the past creates a subjective feeling of warmth to the space.

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