The Diet That Starves Cancer And Reverses Diabetes

It’s hard to believe, but low-calorie and low-fat diet regimens aren’t good for you, why?! Because your heart needs its healthy fats.

The myth of cholesterol as the major cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks is no longer held as responsible. You may use statins to lower your cholesterol levels, but the journal Vascular Health and Risk Management published a study which found that these drugs were extremely ineffective at lowering cholesterol levels in patients with heart disease.

Despite their ineffectiveness, they cause numerous side-effects, such as: Increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Memory loss, Diarrhea, High blood sugar, Rash, Drowsiness, Constipation……

As we all know vitamin D3 is very important for our overal health and skin cholesterol plays important role in the production of that vitamin. Which means that without it, you will lack this vitamin.

High-fat diet reverses aggressive cancers, but top pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this. All you get is surgery, radiation and chemo drugs.

The high-fat ketogenic diet – True and False

The best anecdotal cancer reversal regarding this diet involves Dr. Fred Hatfield, a former world power lifting champion, trainer, and successful business owner.  The reason for his doctor title is the fact that he completed graduate studies in kinesiology.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, a metabolic researcher at University of South Florida, has found that mice with induced cancer who were put on high fat non-carbohydrate glucose diets reversed cancer and recovered even more effectively when compared to those patients that are on chemotherapy. Although this study may not be saying much, Hatfield decided to give it a try.

Dr. Hatfield was diagnosed with an aggressive metastatic skeletal cancer. He was given only three months left to live, and this prognosis was confirmed by three doctors. He decided to do a little research on his own, and this is how he came across the ketogenic diet as promising alternative treatment.

He stopped eating sugars and carbohydrates and started eating a fair amount of good meats and many beneficial fats, not the cheap trans-fatty acid hydrogenated oils or margarine. These products are only a molecule away from being plastic, which means that they are difficult and even impossible to metabolize.

Some of the best sources of good and beneficial fats include cold pressed olive oil, hemp oils, butter, eggs, and coconut oil. After a few months of following this diet the doctors were amazed, Hatfield`s cancer cleared up. A year later, he was still in a very good health.

Dr. D’Agostino has talked to many other patients who have used a ketogenic diet to reverse cancer. Most importantly, they actually succeeded!

Ketogenic diet meal plan

Healthy Fats: Butter, coconut oil, olive oil, eggs, avocados, raw seeds and nuts;

Low-carb vegetables: Kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, celery, collard greens, Brussels sprouts;

Protein sources: Fish and seafood, fermented dairy, wild game, grass-fed beef, grass-fed raw organic dairy, organic pastured poultry;

Although it’s a fact that cancer feeds on sugar, oncologists still give their patients pastry and sweets. But, alternative treatments exclude the use of sugars and simple carbs.

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