Goodbye Cholesterol, Lipids, Triglycerides And Blood Glucose

When I was shown a blood test I was impressed or astonished. The parameters: urea, cholesterol, blood glucose, lipids and triglycerides had values over normal levels. My teacher, who showed me this, told me that with these parameters the person whose blood it was should already be dead. And the next thing he said scared me. It was the professor`s blood.

Then he showed me another sheet analysis where the blood parameters were normal and he said this was his blood just a month after the first test was conducted. I saw the dates on both of the sheets, and he was right.
He told him that his improvement was a direct result of the recommendation of his doctor. The treatment should be performed more than once and it has an incredible outcome.

You can do this for your health and your blood and it is all natural.
First of all you need a raw pumpkin.

Peel 120 grams, put the content in your blender and add a certain amount of tap water.

Blend well until you get more or less homogenous mixture. You should get a smoothie that you must take on a daily basis for one month.

Drink every day about 20 minutes before breakfast.

Check the levels of your blood parameters before you start this procedure and again when you finish the procedure. This is a natural treatment and perfectly safe without any side effects, because it’s made of plain water and raw vegetable.

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