The Best Antioxidant That Cleans Arteries Of LDL Cholesterol

Millions of people everywhere deal with high cholesterol and many heart issues.

To reduce this, modern medicine is pro drugs and they bring many side effects along that make further more problems. But the good part is that nature has the cure, basil plant for lowering bad cholesterol and stopping it from appearing again.

The basil is really medicinal. It is a herb with many phytonutrients for the benefits it has. It grows in warm and tropical areas and experts say there exist more than 60 kinds of basil, divided in purple, bush and sweet.

If you grow it at home, you must snip the bud heads when they appear and also cut the base of the leaf if new branches show up. To get all the benefits, use fresh basil only. The flavor is pungent and pleasant and removes bad LDL cholesterol. Also it has vitamin K for blood clots and nutrients for the health.

The best basil benefits:


Basil has many antioxidants and they fight the free radicals inside.


Basil is like antibiotic and kills bad bacteria. For most benefits, mix basil and garlic and consume this.


As we said, the basil can remove bad LDL of the veins and keep vessels clean. Also it heals many other issues like cough, diarrhea, headaches, kidney issues, constipation and more. Have basil tea every day.

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