6 Superfoods For Healthy Skin, Hair, Bones, Teeth And Eyes

Proper nutrition has been emphasized for years back and we are constantly reminded of how important it is for our health and well-being. Plenty of people experience many difficulties and conditions as a result of poor nutrition and the most affected body parts in this process are the bones, teeth hair and skin. In order to preserve our health there are six ingredients which will provide just that…


This leafy vegetable has proven itself on numerous occasions as an excellent treatment for eyes problems and active metabolism. This comes as a result of its strong substances like iron, high levels of vitamins B, C and E, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and potassium. The main ingredient that makes this plant fabulous is lutein which provides antioxidant properties that revive the body and give it energy boost.


It sounds exotic and it provides exotic results! Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent antioxidant that protects the skin from damage, strengthens the teeth and protects the bones from injuries. It also acts as a natural wrinkle ‘iron’ that fills in the lines and makes the face look fresh and young!


Thanks to these extraordinary little miracles, your hair will recover faster and your eyesight will significantly improve. It consists of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which is especially beneficial for the skin. Walnuts can be a great salad, dessert or main dish additive that will take care of your health- and you will enjoy it!


Plain yoghurt and particularly low-fat yoghurt contains large amounts of calcium and miraculously it is more effective than low-fat milk. Yoghurt is especially recommended for people suffering from bone, teeth and nail disorders and it is also favourable for women who are experiencing yeast infections of any sort.

Dark chocolate

Who does not love to hear that chocolate is a cure? Actually, dark chocolate is exceptionally good for you, because it contains over 60% of cocoa which is beneficial for the skin, body hydration and positive mood. Drop all accusations that chocolate causes acne and give this delicious treat a try!


The most popular vegetable in the world is not only healthy but it is highly recommended by nutritionists around the globe. The potato’s high levels of proteins and beta-carotene substances prevent weight gain and repair poor eyesight. Potato also delays the aging process and satisfies unnecessary hunger in a healthy way. The only thing to remember is that potato does not combine with many ingredients and it is not advisable to fry it. If you have in mind these facts, potato can become your best ally in obtaining excellent health!

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