27 Alkaline Foods Can Stop Cancer, Heart Problems Or Obesity

There seems to be some confusion about alkaline foods and keeping your body “in an alkaline state.” Alkaline foods don’t necessarily make your body go up or down in alkalinity, your body has systems in place that regulate all of that automatically regardless of food.

When you eat acidic foods like soda and cookies it taxes your alkalinity system because it has to work harder and if we overwork/overload that system we can get sick. Likewise, if we alkaline foods it keeps that system happy running like a well-oiled machine.

This means alkaline foods play their part, but they don’t directly make us alkaline. I know this sounds like semantics, but the distinction is worth mentioning. This also means that it is still important to eat alkaline foods in order to stay healthy.

Tip: Always eat organic foods whenever possible for maximum benefit.

5 Top Alkaline Foods

You have first to be conscious of what you eat. To help you do so, read all these alkaline food items and restore health. You never must wait to be sick to eat healthily.

  1. Melon: the melon is pH 8.5and is a great cleanser. Eat it always and always fresh, also any melon. The watermelon is full of fibers and has 92% water.
  2. Swiss chard: this protects us from free radicals, viruses, and bacteria and is highly alkaline.
  3. Green drinks/juices: it’s hard to beat freshly juiced dark-green (spinach, kale, etc.) and deeply colored veggies (red peppers, yellow peppers, etc).
  4. Buckwheat: if you eat wheat you didn’t try buckwheat still. It protects your heart, keeps you satiated and gives energy.
  5. Flax seed: this has a lot of vitamin E, is alkaline and anti-inflammatory too. It also helps in menopause flashes reducing.

Other Top Alkaline Foods

  • Berries (antioxidants)
  • Bananas (super food)
  • Avocados (monounsaturated fats)
  • Broccoli (reduces cholesterol)
  • Garlic (for pressure)
  • Carrots (beta carotene for vision)
  • Alfalfa sprouts (enzymes for hormonal balance)
  • Pineapple (weight loss)
  • Grapes (antioxidants and multivitamins)
  • Fermented foods (sauerkraut/probiotic)
  • Brussels sprouts (anti-cancer)
  • Lemons (cold, flu)
  • Seaweed (iron and reducing acidity)
  • Grapefruit ( vitamin A and C)
  • Cauliflower (bread replacement)
  • Parsley (cleanses intestines)
  • Cucumber (healthy skin due to 90% water)
  • Quinoa (leveling blood sugar)
  • Oranges (for cold)
  • Spinach (for iron)
  • Mango (cleanse of colon)
  • Papaya (removal of colon toxins/laxative)

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