12 Benefits of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About

Many people love lemons. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that lemon taste great and refreshing. But what’s really amazing about lemon doesn’t lie on its taste alone. Lemon can be used in numerous situation in various ways. Moreover, it offers many benefits for your health and appearance.

Here you can find 12 ways lemons affect your health and appearance in amazing ways:

1.Lemon Water Improves Your Digestive System

Have you ever heard the basis of healthy body lies on a healthy digestive system? Many expert have even claim it to be true. Lemon contains pectin fiber which is essential to maintain the health of our colons. You can boost your digestion by drinking a glass of lemon water early in the morning. It will improve your digestion and helps your body to release toxins which have been build up from the last 24 hours.

2.Lemon Helps Your Rehydrate

Before there were energy drinks made from electrolytes and glucose or salt for rehydration, people used to use lemons to eliminate the symptoms of dehydration. People lose a lot of electrolytes (that represent minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium) every time they do physical activities through the release of the sweats. You can rehydrate your body by drinking enough water, but a few slices of lemons will also help in harmonizing the electrolyte content in your body.

3.Lemon Protect Your Eyes

Since we were kids, our parents told us the fruit that can contribute the health of our sight is carrot. Perhaps because they didn’t know that lemons also have miraculous effect to our eyes. The combination of vitamin C and antioxidant presented in lemon makes it an excellent fruits to protect the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.

4.Lemon Water Can Help Your Skin Looks Soft and Smooth

The basic premise of this is that drinking a lot of water every day will hydrate your skin and make it look soft and smooth. Since lemon can rehydrate yourself, you can drink lemon water instead of plain water. But there are some bonus from drinking lemon water more than just get you hydrated. Drinking lemon can reduce blemishes and wrinkles and make skin healthy and beautiful.

5.Improve The Function of Your liver

Taking care of your liver is very important maintain your overall health. Consuming lemon water can optimize the function of your liver. It will boost the function enzymes and help in eliminating toxins. Lemon water also has the ability to neutralize the effect of bad bacteria since it contains citric acid.

6.Source of Potassium

So other than banana, another fruit that also rich in potassium is lemon. Potassium in one of the 5 minerals that our body need in large amount. Consuming lemon water will improve the function of your muscles, brain, heart, and kidney.

7.Boost Your Immune system

We cannot completely prevent ourselves from some disease like cold. The best way to prevent yourself from this kind of disease is by boosting your immune system. Lemon can do a great job at this due to it contains a lot of vitamin C. When it comes to viral infection, the best protection is having enough intake of vitamin C to boost your immune system

8.Good in Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is the way our body react to some physical injury. Though this is completely natural, chronic inflammation in your body may lead to the formation of various disease. Inflammation is associated with high acidity and lemon can reduce acidity in your body and help your body to remove excessive uric acid that can lead to inflammation.

9.Maintain the pH balance in Your Body

Lemons is an acidic fruit. However, they don’t really increase the acidity in your body. In fact, once lemon water reach the bloodstream, it will produce alkalizing effects. So how do it benefits for us? In order for your body to digest food properly, you need acid. On the other hand, it’s also important for your body to maintain the healthy pH level because too much acid will make you susceptive to some health issue like diabetes and high cholesterol.

10.Boost Your Metabolism

When people wants to lose some weight, they usually will add lemon into their diet plan. Why is that? This is due to lemon has the ability to boost your metabolism while at the same time suppress food craving because it’s rich in pectin fiber.

11.Energize Your Body

The most common energy drink people consume in the morning is coffee. However, actually the effect of coffee doesn’t last for more than 3 hours. Afterwards, you will start to feel your energy depleted. So instead of drinking coffee, start to drink lemon water in the morning. After drink it regularly for 15 days, you will notice that the energetic feeling last all the time.

12.Lemons are antiseptic

Lemons have a powerful cleansing effect on you liver, kidneys and blood. An overworked liver in particular has an influence on how good you feel so having a simple way to cleanse it each morning can make a big difference to your daily energy over time.

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