10-Minutes Treatment to Relieve The Sciatic Nerve Pain

The longest nerve in our body is called the sciatic nerve. It’s in the back of our legs e.g. it starts in the buttocks, then spreads down the legs and the final destination are the feet.

If this nerve becomes inflamed, you’ll feel unbearable pain which goes in the knees, ribs or the back.
The pain is unbearable and unfortunately, painkillers don’t help much. Here, we’re suggesting you something you can try to ease the pain.

Natural solutions and remedies are the best, but you can also do several exercises.
You treat the pain, inflammation and the tension at once. Your life can be extremely difficult because of the intolerable pain.

You’ll feel numbness, prickling, heavy legs that will disturb your sitting as well as your movement.
People with this problem only need to have 10 minutes of free time in their day to help them treat the pain! Here, we’re offering you a natural solution but you need to follow every step very carefully.

Treat Your Nerve 10 minutes Before Bedtime

  • First, take one bucket that you’ll fill with water that will be that hot so that you can tolerate it.
  • Then, put 1 liter of apple cider vinegar along with a handful of salt in the water.
  • Stir everything well until the ingredients melt.
  • Put your feet in the bucket and soak them until the water cools down.
  • Then, take them out and use a towel to pat them dry.
  • Go to bed and make sure you keep your feet are warm all night.

For example, take an extra blanket and cover your feet with it. When you get up in the morning, don’t be barefoot! You need to wear socks or slippers.

You’ll feel the pain disappear even after 1 treatment. You can repeat it freely until you notice that the pain has disappeared completely.

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