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Yoga vs Cardio: Which One is Better for Losing Weight?

If you’ve decided to embark on a weight loss program it can be difficult to decide which type of workout will better help you achieve your goals: yoga or cardio. The simple fact is that when it comes to straight up fat burning running is

10 Best 1 Minute Meal Replacement Shakes & Smoothies

I woke up this morning feeling good – it is sunny outside and I am thinking of taking a walk in the park or even better, next to the river…. I look into my closet and try to find some casual clothes to put on;

4 Diet Mistakes You’re Making That Only Create More Belly Fat

In case that you have been making an effort to get more fit, despite everything you haven’t seen any outcomes, you are most likely doing this wrong and probably the 4 most common mistakes that we will explain today. However, we will uncover the way

10 Fat-Burning Plant Foods That Have More Protein Than an Egg

Many people usually consider animal products as the only food rich in proteins, but in fact there are many foods abundant in proteins besides the meat products. And yes, eggs are one of them and they contain high amount of proteins, but on the other

How To Start When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose

Getting fit is not easy, particularly if you want to lose a lot of pounds. Be that as it may, everything can be done and even 50 pounds can be lost in around 4 months if you put yourself on a healthy diet and strenuous