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Lose Weight, Feel Better –Sugar Detox in Just 3 Days

Carbohydrates and fats aren’t the only culprits causing a spike in your weight. The sugar you consume everyday is equally to blame. While moderate sugar consumption poses no health risk, the average person consumes high quantities of sugar maybe without even knowing it. There are

This Delicious Banana Smoothie Can Burn Stomach Fat Instantly!

Bananas are extremely nutritious and delicious, also bananas are one of the most popular fruits throughout the world. They can be consumed either raw or used in a smoothie. Besides being delicious, bananas provide innumerate health benefits and accelerate the weight loss process! In today’s

4-Minute Workout To Burn 150 Calories A Day

This 4-minute workout help you burn 150 calories at once. The workout consists of pretty easy exercises. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or go to a gym to do it. This workout is perfect as it lasts only four minutes so you

Lemon Diet: Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

If you want to lose weight, lemon can be a genuine aide. The lemon diet introduced beneath will enable you to consume surplus fat in a brief time-frame while purging the blood and fortifying the body. As expert dietitians and nutritionists state, lemons have the

Lose One Pound per Day With This Water Diet

Did you know that with the help of this water diet you can lose a pound every day? However, you shouldn’t prolong it more than one week. Before you decide to try it out, you should consult your physician in order to know whether this