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What Cherry Stems Can Heal And Cure?

Did you know that the cherry stems can be used in folk medicine? Yes, maybe you have never thought of this and simply throw them away. However, you can use cherry stems in order to make a remedy that is great for treating inflamed kidneys

This Juice Prevents Blood Clot And Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attack

Something you must introduce in your diet is kiwi juice. This juice positively acts on the entire organism is rich with various healthy ingredients and improve heart health. This juice is rich with a large amount of potassium and fiber. In addition we present how

Red Onions The Best Way To Prevent Heart Attack And Several Types Of Cancer

              Red onion contains sulfuric compounds which are responsible for this vegetable’s intense aroma. However, onions have numerous health benefits. Read below. Protects from cancer Onion reduces the risk of several types of cancer such as colon cancer and laryngeal

How To Strengthen Your Body and Organism After Surgery

Since the organism is weaken after a surgery and/or radiation you need to do everything in your power to bring back your strength and energy. Austrian herbalist Rudolf Broys recommends drinking geranium tea after radiation treatment(s). In order to strengthen your organism use rose, nettle,