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Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Being also known under the term melaleuca, tea tree oil is widely used because of its antiseptic features and its capacity to treat minor injuries and wounds. It originates from Melaleuca, which is an Australian native plant that has been used for centuries throughout whole

10 Fat-Burning Plant Foods That Have More Protein Than an Egg

Many people usually consider animal products as the only food rich in proteins, but in fact there are many foods abundant in proteins besides the meat products. And yes, eggs are one of them and they contain high amount of proteins, but on the other

15 Foods You Can Eat a Lot of and Still Not Gain Weight

Did you know that even the most diligent weight-watchers can eat certain foods without any limitations? In other words, there are foods that are low in calories but packed with fiber content, which in turn keeps you full longer without any risk of gaining a

8 Reasons Why We Should Eat Pineapple Daily … Number 2 Is Most Important

Pineapples are gift of nature and definitely a product you should eat more often. This fruit contain large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B6, manganese, folate, pantothenic acid and fiber. Go through the top 10 health benefits, and don’t forget the fact that pineapples are abundant

8 Healthy Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is a thick and gooey liquid made from the flesh of the aloe vera plant leaf and it’s commonly known to treat sunburns. But drinking this healthy elixir in juice form provides you with many other health benefits. Aloe vera juice is made by