The Answer To Solving These 5 Health Problems Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

Ever wonder why, when someone holds your hand, all of your health problems seem to go away? Hand holding is a sign of love, care and compassion – all of which help relieve all kinds of pain.

Could this be why the secret to pain relief may be just a pressure point away?

Help reduce or even prevent these common health issues with just seconds of pressure to various areas of your palm:

1. Energy And Fatigue

Tired all day? Having trouble falling asleep at night? Take the thumbnail of one hand and press it into the top part of your other thumb. This is the point on your hand that directly affects your pituitary gland, which is the part of the brain that affects sleep and energy.

2. Tummy Troubles

Feeling bloated? Try taking a golf ball and massaging it between your hands for 30-45 seconds, 3 times day. If the area feels a little uneven, that is a sure sign that your tummy isn’t completely at peace!

3. Back To Back Pain

Back pain can be the most annoying pain to deal with. Day after day, this kind of pain might make you feel like there is nothing you can do to get relief – until now. The reflexes for the spine reside along the side of your palm by your thumb. Place pressure along that area and spend more time on the areas that might feel a little more tense.

4. Sneezes And Sniffles

Seasons are a-changin’ and that can lead to a very-irritating cold. What if you’re feeling like you’ve had a cold all year? Massage each finger from bottom to top by kneading out any tension. Do this two to three times a day and you should notice yourself breathing easier almost immediately!

5. Livin’ Libido Loco

Need a little more bow-chicka-wow-wow? Your reproductive reflexes reside in your wrists. Make a bracelet around your wrist and twist your wrist around. Repeat on the other side. Do this 2-3 times a day and see how much your energy increases.

And there you have it! The answer to most of our issues is usually right under our nose, or in this case, in the palm of your hand.