Soak Your Feet In This And Say Goodbye To All Fungal Infections!

Our feet sweat more during the summer and that increases the probability of developing fungal infections in the feet, more particularly, in the area that surrounds the toes.

That’s why experts say to walk barefoot in summer as much as you can. Additionally, you have to take care of your feet hygiene by washing them more frequently, avoid wearing shoes with synthetic insoles and nylon socks. But, in case you start experiencing fungal infections at your feet, there are a few natural effective treatments.


It’s an amazing cure for fооt infections which develop between the toes and nails, as it contains live bacteria – acidophilus. Yogurt contains “friendly” microorganisms that are able to diminish the fungal infections. Also, besides soaking your feet in yogurt, you can rub yogurt between that particular area as well, and let it dry, after that, wash it off with cold water.

Sodium bicarbonate

When you are obliged to wear closed shoes, first of all, it is very important to destroy all potential bacteria which can be found in them. You can do that by making a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and cold water (3:1). Put the combination on a regular basis and leave it to dry.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and soak your feet in it, with this you will kill all unpleasant fungal infections and stop their expansion. This mixture is an ideal method for elimination of fungi and bacteria.

    • Add 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 l of water and put your feet in it for 20 minutes each morning.

Corn starch

Starch prevents the occurrence of unpleasant fungi and bacteria because it is extremely good absorber of the moisture. Mix ½ tsp. of corn starch and some warm water. Turn on the oven to 220 degrees. Then, put the mixture in it until it darkens. Wash your feet and dry them. Next, rub the mixture on them and let it stay for 60 seconds. At the end, wash them off with lukewarm water.