10 Foods You Must Avoid If You Suffer From Arthritis

In case you are suffering from arthritis, such as joint pain or inflammation, you will need to follow a certain diet which excludes some foods that will make the symptoms even worse. Therefore, you will need to avoid foods that cause obesity, because having extra

Neuroscientists Claim This Song Can Reduce Anxiety by a Shocking 65%

Anxiety is a serious disorder that can cause fear, worrying, apprehension, and nervousness. It can affect the way we feel and act. Mild anxiety is not as unsettling as severe anxiety. But, the severe one can seriously affect our everyday living. Moreover, anxiety affects 40 million people

12 Benefits of Detoxing the Body

Are detox programs really good for you? There seems to be an equal amount of warnings and recommendations for detoxing, which can make it confusing for the would-be detox dieter. While it is possible to get it wrong, as long as you get it right

Hidden Signs of Clogged Arteries And The Best Foods to Prevent It

Keeping up with our health can be difficult, especially in this fast-paced world where eating unhealthily is the quickest way to a meal. Unfortunately, unhealthy foods can also pave the way to clogged arteries. You may be thinking that you have perfectly fine health, but