Inhaling This Salt Stops Sinus Infections, Reduces Mucus Build Up & Helps You Sleep!

Himalayan salt contains plenty healthy medicinal properties. It can be used as a replacement of the processed salt, as a body scrub or bath soak, or even as pink Himalayan salt lamps. Also, you might not know this, you can use it as a salt inhaler.

These salt inhalers have small Himalayan salt rocks at the bottom, and when you inhale, the natural moisture of the air helps absorb the salt particles into the lungs.

This is highly beneficial in the case of congestion, allergies, colds or even asthma. The method is completely safe and natural, and does not cause any side-effects.

Here are the benefits of salt inhalers:

Soothe Sinus issues

Salt inhalation strengthens the respiratory system, and the inhalation of pure, ionized air in salt mines treats respiratory issues, and even general irritation due to smoking and air pollution.

Mucus Buildup prevention

Pink Himalayan salt has natural cleansing abilities, form mucus deposits from toxins in the air. Using a pink Himalayan salt can help reduce excess mucus and relieve congestion.

Protect against Harmful Organisms

Pink Himalayan salt protects against numerous harmful organism, and due to the high extent of minerals and natural elements, it boosts the immune system and offers potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties.


The air we breathe is full of chemical pollutants, smog, smoke, dust and pet dander. The use of pink Himalayan salt inhaler detoxifies the lungs and the air around you.

Improve sleep

Salt inhalers can help eliminate night time coughing and even snoring, by reducing mucous build up and congestion, and help you breathe easily and get the needed rest.

This is how to use a Salt Inhaler:

  • Put the Himalayan rocks in a ceramic inhaler according to the package directions. Don’t use plastic inhalers.
  • Then start breathing slowly and deeply through the mouth, and exhaling through the nose.
  • Do not add water, this is a dry therapy. Deep breathing will bring the small salt ions to the lungs, and they will bypass the nasal filtering system and go directly to the lungs.
  • They will be easily absorbed in the lungs and brought into the bloodstream, where they will soothe the inflammation and pain due to various reasons, like respiratory issues, such as pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.

The following video provides additional information:

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